We are honored to have led many tours over our 17 years in business.

We've hosted whole families, couples, and solo travelers. Groups of friends and mother daughter pairs. When you travel with us, you become a part of our family and often our travelers become lifelong return customers. 

Dear Arlette and Steve,

We thank you so much for a glorious wonderful time.  Your love of France shows & you shared it all with us.  It is a time of our lives we will never forget. God bless you & Steve.  Can’t wait to see you again.

Tammy& Caden M.

I'm just sitting here, thinking about this past year and all I have to be thankful for.  I feel truly blessed to have met both of you and been able to travel to Italy with you and all the other wonderful MN people!  Thank you both for all your behind the scenes work to make this time in Italy a dream come true for me.  I have a niece who wants to go to Ireland and then France, and we are planning on going in 2019.  It's my hope we can sign up with you, you've whet my appetite for travel now...God bless you! 

Deb. S. (2017 Italy)


The trip truly was the trip of our life. Everything about it was wonderful. There is no hype about Italy - it is all true. Breathtaking. We still can't believe we were there. You and Steve are the perfect hosts and leaders. Don't think all the little extras you did went unnoticed!!  You are awesome at what you do and you are just where you should be. You change lives with these vacations, I really mean that. Looking forward to getting together with the group again. What a good crew we had!

Thanks again, and thanks will never be enough!!

Annie & Jeff D. (Italy 2017)


Thank you for another wonderful adventure.  See you next year! Love,

Andrea S., Victoria, MN (5 time returning traveler.)

Dear Arlette and Steve,

I am not a group tour type of person.  I have joined tours in the past, to the Soviet Union (when it existed) and to China, but I always traveled independently in Europe.  When Mary and I were planning our trip, it never occurred to me to use a tour.  Then we found your itinerary, and the lure of having someone take care of the details proved irresistible. 

 Our trip to Florence and environs was flawless, and we loved every moment.  You provided just the right mix of structure and free time, and we never felt "herded" as I have on other tours.  Thank you for your support, your guidance, your patience, and your hard work every day to provide each individual with the best possible experience.

 Mary and I will definitely join you again if the opportunity arises, and would love to give an unqualified recommendation to others.

Patrice V. 

Hi Arlette and Steve,

Just wanted to thank both of you for the wonderful job you both did with our trip to Prague & Budapest.

It was an opportunity of a lifetime to spend the time with Lisa and all the others. Lisa has been posting pictures on FB to share with all of our friends. Jana and Sylvia were 'the best'.  Next time I might think about training better for the walk, hahaha, LOL. I really enjoyed meeting all our travel buddies. Nice job picking the 'best'. We in the USA are just babies in the business of running a country. It is mind-boggling what the 'old' countries have been through to get to where they are.  Again, THANKS, 

Fran (Prague-Budapest)

Dear Arlette and Steve,

Thank you so much for all your hard work last month, and all the months leading up to our trip.

We really enjoyed going to Italy and all of our adventures were everything we expected and more!

We appreciate how you are always getting the best value for us, and all your extra advice and help, for example helping us get set up in Rome with the Croziers, and the logistics of getting around there, and back to Florence.

We also appreciate the flexibility that your tours allow, so that we have time to do what we might like to do on our free day.  The daily tours were fantastic, especially Cinque Terre!

And thank you for always being patient and strong leaders of our group especially when the unexpected happens (broken ankle and all!).

We just loved this trip and have great memories!


Jenny S. and Tracy N.

Hi Arlette,

Michaela and I want to thank you and Steve as our guides for our trip to Tuscany, Italy.  We had such a great time, on a trip of a lifetime…we look forward to seeing you again in the future.  As you remember, we went to Rome after the tour…thank you for steering me in the right direction in obtaining tickets for a private audience with the Pope…we had seats in the first row, and were no more than four feet from him…

Thank you for everything,

Norm & Michaela H. 

Dear Arlette,

Thank you for a fabulous introduction to France.  You met the needs of a very diverse group, knowing when to lead and when to let go.  You and Steve make a great team!

While we have many photos that document our journey, the best memories reside in our hearts.

Blessings to you and yours,

Earl & Valerie D. 

Arlette & Steve 

Thank you so much for your hospitality and expertise on our adventure to France.  We learned so much and feel blessed to have seen so many amazing sites in such a short time.  Your attention to detail made the trip very enjoyable.

We look forward to seeing you.

Bonnie & Greg R. 

Thanks so much for leading us in such a full trip to France.  Everything was certainly an experience which included all the most popular spots and a lot of fun surprises.

The accommodations were convenient and very accommodating to our diverse group.  I certainly enjoyed the junior travelers- to be at that time in life- traveling and purchasing souvenirs on a trip to “Paris!!”, I remember those days…

Thanks to Steve for taking extra care of the slower walkers.  I came home feeling very energized and raring to go.

Good luck on your future tours, I can see why there are so many “repeaters”.


Barb. F

Family trip:

Words cannot express the joy you gave us.  We will always cherish the memory of our trip.  I thank you so much for including Katia on the tour.  The kids spent loads of time talking to her in French.  She really helped to make the group of kids gel, so we never had a concern that Elizabeth would be left out by the other kids because she was younger.  She also taught the adults so much about French culture and history.  The B’s and M’s had a very memorable dinner with her in St. Malo in which we compared and contrasted the two countries.  On top of that, she, like you, was just a sunbeam of a personality.

We cannot get over how wonderful the whole experience was, getting the benefit of your terrific French expertise and those of the remarkable historians who spoke to us.  I am crossing my fingers that my parents will join you on next spring's journey!  Enjoy springtime.

Sarah M. & family

Thank you so much for everything, especially for taking us to Epinal.  I have enjoyed getting to know you & Mike has too.  You are so generous and giving to others.  I’ve loved watching you not only take care of us and the group, but also helping complete strangers, who looked like they may be in trouble. Thanks for showing us your France & beautiful French people.  It was the trip of a lifetime & we will never forget it or you.

All the best & safe travels until we meet again.

Burdette & Michael L


Merci for this wonderful experience and memory you have given us sisters.  You were the best guides we could have asked for.  The kindness and patience you showed to all of us made for a marvellous 8 days.  I hope to join you on a tour again along with “the sisters”…

Julie S. 

Dear Arlette and Steve,

What can I say but thank you both sooo much!  Loved every minute, and I appreciate all the work you both did to make it carefree.

Am looking forward to travel again.

You’re the best.

Diane Mc. G

I have been meaning for 2 weeks to send you a thank you for the wonderful trip to Paris we just shared.  It was way more than I had even expected. Before going I really knew nothing about France, I’ve learned so much. Thank you!

I sure hope someday I can travel with you again, the trip was fabulous and worth more than the price.

P.S. I'm also really having withdrawal from baguettes and croissants… 


Sharon S.

My first trip with Arlette was in 2004- one week in Paris with day trips to Monet’s Gardens & the Loire Valley touring castles, then in 2006 I went on Arlette’s Paris/Eastern France and French Riviera trip…in 2008 her Paris/Tuscany trip…and now back to Paris and my first time to Normandy. I’m so excited!

The thing I love most about traveling with Arlette is that your trip is “worry free”, she is amazing.  All of our walking and exploring includes Arlette’s guided narrative full of history, culture, highlights, neighborhood orientations, tips on how to navigate your free time, etc…You really learn a lot from her and each trip back you have gained enough knowledge and confidence to explore even more!...

Travel tip: I take a carry-on only (with an empty duffle bag inside).  The duffle back is my checked bag on the return home (full of my clothing, etc…) because my carry-on is usually full of wonderful treasures that I purchased on my trip.

Cindy H.

Advice/referral from a four-time traveler:

Everything is my favorite, especially the food, the people, the history and fellow travelers.  If you want a wonderful French 5 course dinner, ask Arlette to make reservations at La Biche.  (The best place to eat in Paris and a bargain to boot.)  

Arlette is absolutely the best - always upbeat, helpful and full of good ideas. She also keeps our budgets in mind, will help plan subway routes to places you might want to go by yourselves during free time, and sets a great tone for the group.  There are always fun surprises along the way, no bad ones…
We always have grand adventures!

Marcy P.

We can’t really express our thanks for a vacation that we will never forget.  It was fun seeing places we had only read about, now I am anxious to do more reading about the history of France, and share what I have learned in my classes.  We have lots of great pictures, and now it’s hard to imagine we were even there. You did a wonderful job showing us your native country & people.  I thought it was fun learning the language too…

It was nice getting to know you & Josh.  We appreciate the planning it took on your part to make our vacation affordable & fun.

Barb & Tom W.

I just wanted to tell you that my daughters Hilary & Niki had the time of their lives on the trip to France.  It was both of their first times abroad and it was a fabulous experience they will always remember.
They loved seeing everything, and also loved the freedom of the evenings to shop and eat where they wanted as opposed to eating every dinner with the group. 
 I would like it if you would keep me on your email list for future trips that you might plan.  I would be interested in some adventure abroad!
Thank you so much for a beautiful & memorable experience for my girls!!
Michele G.

Just want to let you know that Don and I enjoyed our trip very much...in spite of the rainy days...we saw so much more than had we tried to venture out on our own and much more relaxing to have a guide to know how to get to places...we did finally figure out the subway and used them on our free day.  We found Paris to be a beautiful city with all its history and ornate buildings.  We did enjoy our journey to Blois and Giverny, as was a nice change of pace.

We looked at all our pictures already and have re-lived our adventures...so fun.

It was nice to meet you...you sure do have a lot of energy...and so very pleasant!

Merci for a wonderful vacation!!

Pat and Don D.

Mother/son trip:

Casey & I cannot thank you enough. 

This trip was indeed fabulous, the weather fantastic.  We enjoyed walking, the beautiful countryside, mountains, gorgeous trees, vines & flowers still in bloom, ohh my goodness the food, music, art masterpieces and gardens, narrow cobbled streets and stories…I haven’t giggled so often in years.

Cinque Terre was a fabulous way to wrap up the week, though we were wishing for a few more days by the time the last day rolled around.

You have taught us well to go with the flow; when in ______, do as the people in the community do; enjoy life, respect, try the language, food and drink, and buy local…

When is our next adventure Arlette?...


Casey & Paula Y.

We had a wonderful time in Italy…it was the perfect trip, just the right balance of tour and “on your own” time.  It was nice to be taken to different cities for the day, and be turned loose after our orientation and introduction with local historians.  Please e-mail us about future trips.  Thanks again and keep in touch!

John & Kathy S.

I just wanted to thank both of you for planning such a wonderful trip.  I enjoyed every minute and am still day-dreaming about our adventure.  It was a good balance of tours and "on our own" time, and Beatrice, Christina, and Fabio were all very good tour guides as were you and Steve.  

Thanks Again for a Wonderful Time!

Debbie P.

Family trip:

I thoroughly enjoyed the trip to France, and thought it was one of the best trips ever for me.

Arlette & Emily were wonderful- well organized, sincere, concerned, efficient, accommodating.  Correspondence before the trip via monthly newsletters was greatly appreciated.

Highlights of Paris were presented well. Visit to Giverny, excellent…the finale at the Eiffel Tower and the boat trip were outstanding, memorable, a favorite of all. Thank you.

Joan M.

Family trip:

Wow, what a trip! Daniel, my mom and I had a wonderful time. I can’t say enough about Arlette, and her crew of Emily & Nate.  Everything was organized, with back-up plans when unforeseen circumstances got in our way.  The trip was a perfect blend of scheduled outings and free time. Arlette is a true professional.  Nothing fazed her, she was poised, flexible and accommodating.  She was absolutely wonderful with the kids. Daniel thoroughly enjoyed traipsing around with her, I think he would do anything for her and with her…

The accommodations were great, wouldn’t change a thing.

I really can’t say enough about this trip.  We are considering going with Arlette again as a whole family when Jack is in 5th grade.

Thanks again.

Tami S.

Family trip:

We all enjoyed our trip to Paris immensely.  Arlette, Nate & Emily were great guides and took good care of us. We’d go on another tour with them again. My 8th grade boy didn’t even think he wanted to go to Paris- but before the trip was half over, he conceded that it was a great trip….

Accommodations were good- we really appreciated the location…

Thank you so much for making this happen.  We had been thinking about going to Paris this spring, but it was overwhelming to think about planning it.  This trip was a real blessing for our family.  Thank you!

Julie & Jeff N.

Student trip:

This note & card are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how grateful we are for all you have done.  Without your charm, kind heart, and travel planning talents, none of us would have made it this far. We would love to say that from the bottom of our hearts we are grateful, but it is an understatement.  We are wholeheartedly overcome with joy…you are more than a tour guide, but a treasured friend.  A friend who sang “Yellow Submarine”, “Strawberry Fields Forever”, and greeted our group with “Koo Koo Katchoo”.  There is no possible way we could have made this trip without you.  This will be a trip for the scrapbook and for our memory books.  “The Walruses” will never forget your amazing efforts and we hope that we see you again soon.  Until then, you will remain our Beatles singing buddy, travel partner, and always treasured friend.  Merci mille fois for everything, and until the next time we see La Tour Eiffel twinkle or the words “Koo Koo Katchoo” can be heard throughout Paris & beyond: Rock on! Love,

“The Walruses” High School French class

Dear Steve & Arlette,

I want to thank you both for showing me your beautiful Paris & Tuscany.  I really had a fun time.  I am constantly searching for new adventures, and this trip has opened up a bunch of new possibilities for me…

I look forward to traveling with you again.

Yours in adventures,

Kathleen D.

I can’t tell you enough how grateful I am to you for organizing another lovely tour.  The activities you planned were an adventure…I don’t know how I can return to my normal life after this.  At least when my mind wanders, I’ll be walking through the flea markets of Eastern France, or beautiful Paris.  A mental walk through the countryside will do me a world of good.  Thank you Arlette for another wonderful time.  Merci!

Teresa F. 

Girl trip:

I know Sue already sent you a note from both of us, but I just wanted to relay my personal thanks too--it truly was a wonderful trip--you did an incredible job of putting it altogether, which made for relaxing, stress-free travel with a great sense of adventure and learning. We hope to join you for another one sometime soon!

Also, I will send you a few pix if I ever get them downloaded from my new camera into my computer.

Warm regards,

Marsha G.

Thank you so much for taking such good care of me on my Paris adventure!  I know I could not have done it on my own, especially with my extremely limited French.

I had a great time and enjoyed getting to know the group as we toured around the beautiful city.  Seeing the green grass, beautiful flowers are much help and inspiration while getting through our white Easter and snow covered yards.

My trip will always be a very special memory, and you two are a large part of that.

Jan C.

Sam & I had a great time! We have stored wonderful memories & have great pictures & souvenirs to remember our trip.  It has been one of our best vacations!  Thank you for your hard work & dedication in providing us with a memorable adventure.  I will recommend you to family, friends & Co-workers.  Thanks again, until next time.


Leann Z.

Mother-daughter-Grandmother trip:

Bonjour! Merci for the wonderful experience.  You have made it totally delightful.  Next time the boys will come too.  Thanks for all the extra help in planning our trip to Toulouse.  Merci!

Lona, Danielle, Kim S.