Here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions... 

What will the hotels be like? 

We stay in handpicked, two or three star hotels. These are hotels we use often and recommend. Rooms are typically double occupancy.  All hotel rooms have private bathroom with toilet and shower; most come equipped with a hair dyer.

What if I come alone? 

Most of the folks who travel with us come with friends or family members.  If you are traveling solo, we can suggest a match with another solo traveler.  We will never charge you a single supplement unless you request a private room.

When should I book my flight if I only purchase the land package? 

Check with us 120 days prior to departure to see if your particular trip is still on the schedule.  If you’re using frequent flyer miles, the sooner you get your tickets, the better your chances of obtaining a seat. If your trip happens to be cancelled because of lack of participants, political unrest or disaster, your miles can be re-banked any time before the scheduled departure date. 

What if I need to cancel? 

Our policy regarding cancellations is outlined in our contract. 

What if I arrive a day early or want to extend my stay? 

We will assist you in making arrangements for accommodations before and after the trip. For travelers taking advantage of the land plus air package, note that the airlines charge an additional $100-$150 per person for extended return dates depending on the season of travel. 

What is the food like? 

We eat local foods, which can be simple sandwiches on crispy bread to gourmet meals; it all depends on your budget.  Since we’re outdoors a lot during the day, we take advantage of open markets with fruit stands, fresh pastry and yummy sandwiches. In the evening we leisurely end the day with a three-course meal typical of the area where we’re staying.

All breakfasts are included with the room.  They can be taken in your room (just turn in your beverage choice on the breakfast card the night before) or eat in the dining area with your traveling companions or strike up a conversation with one of the locals.  Buffet breakfast is served in most of the hotels we visit.  We need to define “breakfast buffet” since it’s quite different from here in the US.  You will be offered a selection of fresh fruit, juice, pastries, yogurt, crispy fresh bread, butter, jam, cheese, sometimes meat slices and of course delicious coffee, tea or hot chocolate.  Sometimes cereal is an option too.  This is all self-serve, so you may want to go back for seconds.  Don’t skip breakfast; it is a sensation your taste buds won’t want to miss.  

Who do I need to tip?

Maids: a few coins at the end of your stay

Waiter: a few extra coins up to 10% if the service was good.

Bus driver/baggage handler: 1 euro per piece of luggage

Hairdresser if you get a makeover during your vacation abroad: 10%

Miscellaneous expenses:

Here's an idea of what some common miscellaneous costs look like:

10 subway tickets: 12 euros

One buttery croissant: 1 euro

Museum entry fees from 8-10 euros

Pizza: 10-12 euros

Sandwich: 4-5 euros

Bottle water from the grocery store: .40-90 cents a bottle, from the vending machines: 2-5 euros

A four course meal at “A La Biche Au Bois” in Paris: 28 euros, and worth every cent.

Some restrooms will require you to pay…plan to have 60 cents in change ready


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