Venice Escapade

After breakfast we hopped on the high speed train to Venice, and were welcomed by sunshine and a sea of other travelers. Upon arrival at Santa Lucia train station, some group members took a water taxi down the Grand Canal, but the majority of our crew walked the back alleys of Venice, to San Marco Square. We meandered some more before settling for a pasta lunch in a back street. The meal decisions are always simple in Italy: one can’t go wrong with either pasta or thin crust pizza. Went to the cathedral to admire its mosaics, visited the Doge’s palace, and later continued to explore the Adriatic shore. An artisan gelato shop was discovered, and we splurged on natural, homemade flavors. Yum!

Everyone met at the appointed time by the winged lion sculpture, and we walked back to the train station past the Rialto bridge, following the yellow “FERROVIA” signs overhead. Made a quick food stop before hopping back on the high speed train to return to our Florence home base: Hotel Palazzo Vecchio. Picnic on the train kept everyone content after a 20,000+ step day under our belt.

Way to go team!