Traveling to Munich

We met our Italy travelers at breakfast time and made sure that those going home today were going back on time to the airport, either via cab or public transportation. Four continued on to Paris, three prolonged their time in lovely Florence, and four went on the next trip. Hopped on a train at 9:25 from Santa Maria Novella in Florence to Bologna, where we were greeted by sunshine and blue skies. Took our connecting train to Munich via the Deutsche Bahn. Our train meandered through Northern Italy, Austria and Southern Germany. The local architecture subtly changed as we moved north. Snow capped mountains got taller and shared their white peaks with us through haze and lingering clouds. Vineyards and orchards in Northern Italy were replaced by green pastures and conifer forests...and yes, it did snow...on October 16th...What delightful scenery! Shortly upon arriving in Munich, we checked into our favorite hotel: Hotel Blauer Bock on Sebastian Platz. This renovated Benedictine monastery is a cozy haven in the heart of Munich, a few steps from the food market close to Marienplatz. After settling in, we headed to a local restaurant for sausage and potato salad..Ciao pizza and pasta...hello sauerkraut and wurst.