The Jewish Ghetto

The day started with trivia and treats. From Klaster to Trdelnik, Graffiti to St. Norbert beer, the questions kept everyone engaged and remembering yesterday’s itinerary. Today’s walk with Jana took us through the Josefov neighborhood in Old Town, once the site of the Jewish Ghetto. It is still one of the most evocative Jewish districts in all of Europe. For a thousand years, one of the leading centers of Judaism, the neighborhood is studded with thought-provoking museums, fascinating synagogues, and Kafkaesque dreamlike cemetery. Half way through our walk, we stopped at the best chocolate shop, for coffee or chocolate to go. The hot chocolate was thick and rich, topped with deliciously firm whipping cream. This was more dessert-like than any other cup of chocolate I’ve eve had before. Yum!

Then on to the Klementinum, theatre, open air market and more. Old facades, next to newly renovated ones gave us insight into Prague’s glorious past, and the Prague of the Communist era when the upkeep was ignored. Every year as we come back to this lovely city, I’m amazed at the newly refurbished buildings, I rejoice with each one returned to its former glory. We had lunch at a local cafeteria...the purchasing process and food were typically Czech. As we entered the doors of the restaurant, we were given a piece of paper...As we went through the line and made our selection, the items purchased were marked on the piece of paper. Finding a seat during lunch break was a challenge, so many eat their lunch standing up at a counter. We squeezed in at various tables, sharing space with the locals. We then returned our tray to the bussing station, handed our little ticket to the cashier at the door, and paid our bill. My bowl of soup today: 46 Czech crowns, about $2.