Munich and Beyond

Another exceptional breakfast at Hotel Blauer Bock started our day with our taste buds dancing: French croissants, mini apple strudel, Brie, prosciutto, fresh fruit salad, eggs, salmon, caviar, various cakes, breads...everything looked so appetizing that it was hard to decide what to choose. We finally met at 8:30 and headed to Marienplatz to hop on the S-2 train in the direction of Peterhausen. The train arrived immediately, and soon we arrived in the little town of Dachau, where bus #726 took us to the Memorial. A couple of travelers rented the audio guide for 3.5 euros, every one else simply read all the signs. Everything was perfectly explained in German and English next to photos, maps, etc... We met at 11:30 to view the English film in the movie room in the Museum, finally got together at One in the cafeteria of the visitor center, and had some pumpkin soup. Nothing tastes better on a rainy October day, than pumpkin soup...Topped with whipped cream with curry spice in it, the soup had a very pleasant “kick” to it. European cafeteria food is actually quite good. As we kept our food intake simple, we were reminded of all the prisoners whose daily rations were so meager: a few grams of bread, one quart of watery soup... We are so fortunate, in so many ways... We took the 726 city bus back to the station, and the S-2 train in the direction of Erding, stopping at Marienplatz, at which point our group members started to disperse in various directions: Residenz Palace? Coffee shop? A beer? It was raining hard, so indoor activities were sought after. 6:30 p.m: Meeting time for dinner. Everyone is welcome: sausage and kraut, pork knuckle, Schnitzel, apple Strudel...and a stop at the Hofbrau Haus for a little more local culture...and beer.